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I wrote this song not long after I figured out I was being played by the girl I thought I might have been in love with. It's called "You Got Me". It's a slow R&B song. I actually was going to give it to her, but I changed my mind.


Verse 1

Girl why you playin round with me,
you should have told me you didn't want me from the start,
but you kept leadin' me on and playin' games with me,
and then you end it all by breakin my heart.
I had nothin' but love for you,
since that time that I looked and I caught you lookin' right at me too,
infatuation consumed me and I was blinded,
by all the emotions and feelings that were inside me.


You got me thinkin' bout it lately,
but would you really try to play me,
I tried so hard not to believe it,
but you hurt me bad, girl I will admit


You got me, I fell for you
when you didn't call back, I just couldn't believe it,
And all I want, is to know why,
You did this to somebody you liked.

Verse 2

Baby, I don't wanna lose you,
girl I need you in my life,
and I don't know what I'm gonna do,
the though of livin' without you makes me wanna cry.
You show up in my dreams, and you have this effect on me,
and baby girl, I can't get you off my mind.
I wanna see you, and I wanna hold you,
dammit, I just wanna be with you all the time

Bridge 2

Even after the way you did me,
I still wanna come back for more,
baby please don't leave me lonely,
I'll scream and cry and beg you down on the floor

Chorus x2

Breakdown x4
I want you, I need you
I can look past the the things that you have done to me.

Chorus x2


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Sorry dude, it sounds like every other R&B brokenheart song (as well as every other genre of brokenheart songs) that i've heard and i do listen to that type of music, as well as many others.

Please forgive me for being so blunt but i think it was a very good thing for you that you didn't give this to that girl. I know breaking up is hard and you must be in terrible emotional pain (and having SA doesn't help) but she probably would have just laughed at you when she read this and you would be in a lot more pain then you are now.

I can relate to your situation though, some people are emotionally manipulative a$$h0le$. You are better off without her.

That being said, don't let my cynicism of brokenheart songs discourage you at all. Writing poetry and lyrics can be great emotional therapy. I'll shut up now, sorry.
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