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A question about my wifes anxiety

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Hello. My wife suffers from SA and has had a drinking problem in the past. She has been sober for a couple of years but sometimes I wonder if she is still drinking. When faced with a stressful social situation sometimes she will appear to be drunk. Her eyes will be glazed and she will slur her words. She appears exactly as I would expect someone who is drunk to look. She absolutely insists that she is not drinking.

Is is possible that in a highly stressful situation you could have this type of reaction from SA? Anyone else experience this? If it is not drinking can anyone say what might cause this? Low blood sugar maybe??
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about the blood sugar: Possibly. I have chronic low blood sugar (11 years), and have gotten to the point of slurring words... but very few times. but once you reach that point you are seconds away from blacking out. it may affect people differently, but when my blood sugar drops the symptoms are always the same...first i get very hot and begin to sweat, then naseau, then black out. But if it is low blood sugar, sugar pills or food should work right away. if she is not blacking out directly after slurring her words, i find it hard to believe that it is low blood sugar. and i have no idea about the glassy eyes. also, if she was having blood sugar episodes, they wouldn't just appear when she was under stress.

the obvious would be that she is drinking again, but it could have something to do with blood PRESSURE if she is not drinking. very high blood pressure can cause both those symptoms - it recently happened to my mother in law - slurred words, glassy eyes, and flushness.....which are symptoms of a stroke. if you honestly believe she is not drinking, she needs to see a dr.

could SAD alone cause those symptoms? i don't know, but i am sure someone does. good luck to her. and you.
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Thank you for your response. I does not sounds like low blood sugar then because she does not black out. The reason I bring this up is that many of the times I have seen it she has not eaten for a long period of time. She gets busy preparing for a gathering and does not eat.

Most of the time I believe her but I just can't come up with another reason why she would display this behavior. I have seen it not only when she is in a social gathering, although this is the most often, but also when she has a very emotionally difficult time. For instance speaking with her mother with whom she does not have good relations. Does anybody else have any light that they can shed or other opinions? Thanks.
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