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I want to cut you open and search for that pathetic haughty thing that is your soul and bring it to the surface
So i can see it
Handle it
Strangle it
Drop it into a pit of lonliness, hoplessness and wallowing despair
As you cry and scream in vain
The sobs echoing from you
Right through me
Giving me the ultimate esctasy i have deserved from you
I take the pride back that you have snatched from me
Stripping the pleasure of life from you
Into me
A quick creul, satisfying swipe that will capture you

As i enjoy for a change the same overpowering over you that you had over me for so long
I will no longer feel the sharp Slaughtering pains that your selfish lust had carved into my spirit
Now you understand,
Now you FEEL!
You have my innocent face of angst now as i have ur gourgeus face of dignity and conceit
I watch you suffer as I laugh histerically in my perfect bliss
You like that?
haha!!**** you!

I have finally gotten my revengful

It's real
It's permanent

And it's devouring you whole
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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