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..Ok well I"m kind of writing in right now.

Sorry I can't sleep.

Sorry also if it sounds all whiny and is not good too heeh.

It sounded good to my half drunk mind.


My Hurt is Silent.
My hurt is turning a thousand silent knives on myself without you seeing.
My hurt is the far off echo of what could have been,

and what is.

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Another one...
about a girl.....(of course) but i think this one needs some background. I meet this girl, she is my roomates girlfriends roomate. I like her a lot. I even think I love her. I'm not sure. As time goes on, I realize that everyone falls in love with this girl. You know the story. I thought she would save me.
Then, hearing her talk about guys that crush on her, seeing how other guys fall for her. Seeign how she talks about these "creepy" guys- seeing thru it and seeign that she really enjoys it. Now all I have is the sad, sad, tears/almost laughing realization of how people fall in love with her. She is a great girl, ah lemme just put my sucky writing now....

The world is in love with you,
bathe yourself in it.
what are you cleaning?
Scrub til your red and pure.

Say the right things,
make me believe.

Save me.

Scrub scrub little girl.

Suck suck litle girl.

Tame me.
Tame the world.

Talk now.
I will listen.
Talk about him.
He was me I see. blind.

One is nothing in your world of love.
A thousand others to stab and bleed empty.
Rape us with your love.
naked and quivering.
emptied, pale and wet.
mouths open, waiting for the drop that never comes.
Take us, drag us.
leading, leading....

We follow.

But I see you girl.
I see you washing.
What makes you dirty girl.

I still know girl, you will save me.
Save us.
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