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I live in a world of somebody’s,
Yet I am a nobody…

Their will always be somebody
Better, prettier, smarter,
Wiser, richer…

There will always be somebody, not as better, not as pretty,
Not as smarter, not as wiser,
Not as rich…

Yet I still feel
Like a nobody…

To be in room
With everybody…
Talking, laughing, joking, and loving.
Nowhere is my body…
The mind is saying you’re a nobody…

Does it really matter?
Whether, you’re skinny or fatter,
Smarter or wiser,
Or like wise

There is one, who doesn’t look
At all that matters…
Doesn’t care if you’re somebody
Or nobody,

His words are in the book,
Made of many nobody’s,
That became somebody’s
In the eyes of the Lord…

So in prayer, I pray
This nobody, will be lifted
Up to
Become somebody…
Even if it’s only in the eyes
And the heart of the lord.


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:thanks !!

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