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ghostgirl said:
I just had to post about how I did one of my goals. I took a SA cognitive therapy group this past year. One of my big goals was to meet my neighbors. So I had small steps at first-take a walk down the street, spend more time outside, etc. Actually to me they were big steps. Anyway we have a large pool so I thought , why not have a neighborhood BBQ/pool party. So I sent how invitations in mailboxes. I actually called some people. Believe me this was a very intense experiece for me. I was extremely afraid. But for some reason I said I'm doing this and whatever happens happens. I would say about 75 % of the neighbors came.
I got all the feelings of course when I meet or talk with others. I analyzed to some degree how people were looking at me, how they talked or responded to me. At times there was silence but then someone would break in with a joke. The food was great!! Everyone commented on that!!And everyone thanked us for putting on the get together because I guess they used to have block parties all the time but some reason stopped.
Anyway I wanted to talk about my big goal. I can't believe I did this. I feel somewhat nervous now-because I'm thinking negative thoughts-do they still like me? Do they think I'm weird? I guess we SA'ers think to many negative thoughts all the time.
I don't care. THIS WAS A BIG GOAL FOR ME AND I'M PROUD OF MYSELF! I need to remember I'm not a mind reader of other people!!!! :banana
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