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1) How did you find out about the position? Did you have to do cold calls at all in your job search?
-I looked through the newspapaer,, and Did not do cold calls - the phone is one my SA fears!

2) How did you apply for the position?
I emailed/faxed all my resumes.

3) What was the interview process like?
Three rounds of interviews - very frustrating

4) How many resumes/interviews did you have to go through before you finally found a job
Out of dozens the resumes I sent, I got two interviews. Would have sent more resumes, but there just wasn't anything to apply to at the time! I found the job on I was laid off during the telecom bust in 2001, so I was very lucky to get what I got. I started looking two months before I lost my job, and it took six more months to find my current job. Hang in there!!! :)
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