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(Long post as usual, it's basically a summary of progress for me overcoming sa a bit)
I really didn't want my title to include the word positive...
But positive thinking is the topic.
So, I was a bit stressed the other day. Woke up mid afternoon, had an hour before a counselling session, had to phone the doctors about test results, had to sort out a bill, pick up a prescription, and deal with a slightly irked bf.
All that on my mind meant I was feeling rather anxious.

The counselling session helped a bit more than usual. I knew at that time I was feeling anxious over nothing. I explained how utterly frustrating it is to get the physical symptoms of anxiety in particular when I know firmly in my mind there's absolutely no need for it. In the end I decided to get back on track with being more proactive about overcoming my anxiety. Basically get myself in the situations that cause it more often to reinforce the positive memories/experiences rather than let any negative ones take control of how I'm feeling.

So once I was done with that I just went ahead and made that call to the doctors. Making phone calls makes me incredibly anxious but this one was easy, just ring up and ask for my test results. Just went ahead and did it with no problem. Then went a step further and rang the bank about my bill even though it was a bit pointless. I think the phone call anxiety mainly came from having to phone in sick to work/school years ago because I always worried I'd get interrogated. Can't recall a bad experience from phoning anywhere else so hopefully less anxiety with that in the future.

I don't have much anxiety when it comes to doing errand type stuff but I do worry too much about the little things, but I just went ahead and got on with sorting out the prescription and going to the bank and there was nothing to worry about at all. So all good there.

I spent some time the other day at a family gathering (not my family) and I think it went okay. I was extremely aware and focused on not having sa whilst I was there. Seemed a bit odd, thinking about not being anxious when that would probably cause anxiety but it kinda worked. I kept myself relaxed, really listened to what other people were saying, didn't over-think anything I said and just generally avoided feeling uncomfortable. I was at a gig afterwards and again I brushed off feeling uncomfortable despite being surrounded by dozens of people.

That ticks off some boxes on the list of things that cause me anxiety. Then soon it'll be time to work on the big ones, work, uni, and moving home. Gonna be tough but tackling things a little step at a time seems to do the trick.

Anyone else just gone for it lately and loosened the grip sa has on you?
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