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I joined SAS yesterday, and been browsing a bit. It's many many members, many threads, many groups, blogs and forums and what I'm asking here may be answered somewhere else. Well, bare with me. I want to create a circle of like minded people where the aim is to help each other move forward in our careers and personal life.

My SA is of a milder kind, but I've let it hinder me too much and too long anyhow. I'm educated in the area of business and finance and may have set the bar a bit high as of career goals... given what SA and self esteem is capable of up.

I don't tell people (except very few) about the real issus/troubles when it comes getting the kind of job and life I want..and this is why I post here.

If you have (similar) career issues, believe in a better future, want to further and support each others progress, just want to talk and discuss life in combination with milder SA...and want to "join" then PM me..

Thanks for your attention :)
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