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Hello. :)

Any women in or near the St. Louis, MO area? I'm hoping to find someone sweet, sensitive, passionate, caring, artistic, and cute to date. :D

Here is a random list of my interests/hobbies in no particular order:

Coffee, Mountain Dew, Daft Punk, Linkin Park, DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, El Dorado, Dance Party Like Its 19xx, Depeche Mode, The Postal Service, Alphaville, Company B, Talk Talk, Freezepop, Math, Computers, Politics, Philosophy, Spring, Fall, Linux, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Imported Beers, Budweiser American Ale, Mojitos, Green, Chinese Food, Thai Food, Mexican Food, Pointers Pizza, Toasted Ravioli, Lamb, Sushi, Roast Beef, Dreams, Writing, Thinking, Walks in the park, The Botantical Garden, City Museum, Art Museum, Laumier Sculpture Park, Forest Park, Tower Grove Park

A little about me:

I'm a transplant to St. Louis. I am from Charlotte, NC and have lived here for about a year and a half now. I live alone in an apartment near Tower Grove Park. I work for an aerospace company full time. During my free time, you may find me at a local event in St. Louis, walking in the park, or at the art museum, but rarely at a bar or club unless I'm hanging out with a friend or two.

I'm a really sensitive guy. I'm very shy and introverted in nature. I'm much different than most guys, at least from my own observations. I almost never relate to other guys. Most of them seem insensitive to me. I would want my friends or significant other to be someone who is sensitive to how someone else is feeling. Women seem to always be better about that, so most of my friends tend to be women.

I'm a simple person when it comes to preferences. I don't ask for much.

Don't be shy and PM me if I peak your interest. We live this one life, so take some chances!
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