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Box Kittens

girls are treated like sh*t these days
we are like box kittens taken from door to door
given away for free
a figurine to decorate a mantelpiece
a twirling red skirt at a jubilee
a moment that must hesitate before it speaks
but show it’s feathers in its softest places.
To enhance, entice, allure the watching, waiting faces
Show her wings but don’t fly
Kittens in boxes, crying to die
Curled up like shells in the back shelf of every man’s heart
Make me dance for a penny
Bleed for a dime
Give me away for free
Am I pretty enough?
I’ll say you’ll be mine
Just for tonight, as my lipstick smears and my smiles cry.


Is there such a thing as love in this vast empty canyon
Subway steel air chills my face
Reminds me that I am in a world filled with nothing but space
Except my sweet pills,
They sing me to sleep
A baby’s pink soft lullaby
To the fairy at night I creep
In the morning, reality is red, hot, burning, freezing
Watch the happy people, procreating to procreate more
What are they doing that for?
Maybe to fill up this space we all find ourselves in
Its blackness, blueness, azul confusion mixing with so much red
So much red
How can it be that this is what swirls outside of my bed?
Everyone has their own trail out of this canyon
Everyone has their own life support
Some get neat packages tucked up by caring parents
Others must make their own
Must make their own beds
And their own dreams
For a time and a space and a different color outside this
Empty midnight, lonely canyon
This space so far below
That when the tide rises, even the best of us must go.
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