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I would like to recommend a book I am reading that I find helpful. It is called "10 Simple Solutions to Shyness: How to Overcome Shyness, Social Anxiety & Fear of Public Speaking" by Martin M. Anthony. The table of contents is:

1. Understanding Shyness and Social Anxiety.
2. Plan for Change.
3. Change the Way You Think.
4. Confront Anxiety-Provoking Situations.
5. Change the Way You Communicate and Improve Your Relationships.
6. Medications.
7. Coping with Rejection.
8. Meeting New People.
9. Learn to Make Presentations With Confidence.
10. Stop Trying to Be Perfect.


Got the book, honestly didn't help at all. but maybe it's because I'm anxious in a different way. The part where they talk about exposure therapy helped me some. I got out more after reading that part.
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