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Alas I don't do much right now really. Mostly because my work hours get in the way. Unfortunately my afternoons and evenings are taken up by working at the hospital. I am a cleaner at the hospital so I'm not really helping anybody.

My church runs various community initiatives but they all conflict with my work jours. But I have volunteered with an introductory course called Hope Explored. This had some very emotional moments when people talked about some tragic and difficult circumstances in their lives.

I have volunteered in the past for the local mental hospital, a carer's charity, and for a couple of charity shops. I found the charity shops very difficult as I was interacting with customers and other staff members all the time. The others were admin jobs which were much easier for me. But I still had to use the telephone occasionally. Many volunteer jobs tend to be quite social eg. befriender, charity shop assistant, telephone etc. but you can occasionally find more solitary things.

An alternative is maybe joining a community site like Nextdoor and seeing if anybody needs assistance with anything in your area.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts