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  1. Testing Forum
    How do you post youtube videos on the forum? What the hell, I always do it and now it's not working. I used the direct link and the embed code, doesn't work. I tried with different videos.
  2. Just For Fun
    1. On a completely calm day, when you are about to shoot your video, wind will suddenly start blowing noisily about the camera. 2. Your parents, girlfriend/boyfriend or even the IRS agent will be at your doorstep just after you have clicked "record" 3. After a perfectly good performance, you...
  3. Just For Fun
    simple rule: post your last youtube video. please allow others to post before you enter another one.
  4. Geek Central
    I am trying to figure out a way to make a video where I do multiple things. But so far Windows movie maker has proven to be insufficient. For example, I cannot even add a narration to a video, because apparently narration has a 1 second lag, which will always put it out of time with the already...
  5. Just For Fun
    Post 1 youtube video related to to the subject example I am going to post something about Diet Coke + Mentos now its your turn to post something with Diet Coke / Mentos ( 1 or the other ) and so on and so on.... * wonders where this leads us.
  6. Board Help and Feedback
    I'm just curious, How do you embed youtube videos? I'm a noob, obviously, but I tried the embed feature next to the video on youtube and I just got a bunch of code. help!
1-6 of 10 Results