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  1. Spiritual Support
    Imee Ooi produces a beautiful version of this song (the heart sutra). Can anyone tell me more about the Buddhist idea of 'emptiness'?
  2. Medication
    Hi! To any of you folks using a combo of memantine and stimulants to treat AD(H)D with social (or other) anxieties, can you answer something that has been confusing me? I understand that memantine can aid stim tolerance, but -- can it actually help you tolerate stims better? In other words, if...
  3. Medication
    Considering there are a variety of ways to consume a certain amount of a drug in a certain period of time…. For example one could take 2mg of xanax once each day (which of course would be unwise considering xanaxs short half life) or it could be taken by dosing .5 mg 4 times daily for a more...
  4. Medication
    My pdoc told me you don't become tolerant to neurontin....i think hes full of ****. I took it for two weeks straight and it definitely doesn't work the way it did when i started. He also claims that neurontin takes time to work because it has to accumulate in your bloodstream. Isn't he confusing...
  5. Medication
    My goal is to find a way to stay high on anti anxiety meds 24/7 and never build any tolerance or addiction to anything....i believe it can be done if done carefully and with enough resources...unfortunately my resources are limited and only consist of valium, phenibut, and neurontin, all of...
  6. Medication
    I haven't posted here in about a year and a half (and even then, I only posted twice), so this thread will necessarily entail some back-story. This back-story is quite long; skip to the end if you merely wish to address my Klonopin question. (I don't mean to treat you guys like fools, I just...
1-6 of 6 Results