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  1. Medication
    Hey all! So. I have been fighting with social anxiety many years, withOUT any significant resultates. First I was on alcohol or other medication/narcotic (like marihuana, amphetamines, opiates, benzos and others). Offcors it isnt the way to go, so someday I off everything include alcohol and...
  2. Medication
    Hi everybody, When I started to read through social anxiety forums, SAS instantly felt like a good source of both information and support. It is only, now, after several months of being here, however, that I decided to contribute. Below you can read about some of preliminary experiences with...
  3. Medication
    I just ordered some tianeptine (stablon) after reading countless positive reviews about it. One thing i don't understand about it is whether its a fast acting, take as needed kind of drug or whether it has to be taken daily over the course of several weeks like with other antidepressants. I...
1-3 of 3 Results