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  1. Psychotherapy
    Have suffered from SA since before I knew what it was called. Always planned on seeing a therapist that specializes in SA, but assumed I would have to pay “out of pocket” for treatment. Is it even WORTH it, or would the money be better spent on some other pleasurable endeavor?
  2. Therapy
    I've been in and out of a therapy since my parents divorced when I was a kid and then again when they found out I was suicidal as a teenager. I don't really remember a lot from my sessions, so in the end I felt like I was just running in place, getting nowhere, just getting bandages not actually...
  3. Therapy
    Hi everyone, trying to be short so I'd rather summarize my problems in a bullet point list: myself is a 38yo ugly virgin male, never had anyone zero matches on Tinder type of guy tried to approach women in real life a few times but zero luck social anxiety (afraid of going out, afraid of...
  4. Coping With Social Anxiety
    I've had SA for a while now, and all of the sudden I have the urge to start making things right and getting my anxiety under control since I wanna be able to make friends before moving to the next chapter in life. But where do I start? I already had therapy before but had extreme trouble with...
1-5 of 53 Results