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  1. Medication
    Hi! To any of you folks using a combo of memantine and stimulants to treat AD(H)D with social (or other) anxieties, can you answer something that has been confusing me? I understand that memantine can aid stim tolerance, but -- can it actually help you tolerate stims better? In other words, if...
  2. Medication
    Has anyone tried to potentiate their stimulants with selegiline? I've read that selegiline can potentiate stimulants exponentially, make them last longer and ease the crash and even prevent neurotoxicity.... i realize theres a risk of overstimulation and hyperthermia but i'm pretty experienced...
  3. Medication
    I started my freshman year of college by taking some stimulant called Dextrostat. I started abusing it then, because it made me feel less socially anxious. I almost failed out of school, but I felt more social. When I look back I see this pattern: grades go way up and my social life is...
1-3 of 3 Results