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  1. Medication
    Or more specifically, has anyone ever been on an SSRI/SNRI which failed to do anything for them, but then switched to another one and it actually did help them?? I don't really get how to why this would work. I was on Paxil and then Celexa for a few months last winter but neither of them...
  2. Medication
    Cyproheptadine (brand name Periactin) is an antihistamine that is also a serotonin antagonist. Apparently taking 2 to 4mg an hour or two before sex alleaviates SSRI induced sexual dysfunction. I guess it decreases the seritonin so you wouldn't want to make a habit of taking it. Has anyone every...
  3. Medication
    Hi everyone my doctor has put me on Fluoxetine......i have heard paraxoetine is best social phobia which do you guys recoomed? thanks
  4. Medication
    I've been dealing with social anxiety and depression for about 5 years now. First I tried Zoloft (helped me a lot for about 6 months, then stopped working), then Pristiq and Buspirone (both made me feel awful and I stopped taking them pretty quick), and now I'm on LEXAPRO. So far it seems to...
  5. Medication
    I have been on both, but for only about 1 month each. I want to start back on one and give it a longer try. On Paxil, my SA was completely gone by day 2. But it made me LAZY. On Lexapro, it did not seem to go away. I realize ssri's take up to 3 months to kick in. My doc tells me lexapro is...
  6. Medication
    Hello, I am using lexapro 10mg for 3 months. So far it helped but not solved my situation. My questions are: 1. Which SSRI you consider better for anxiety and sleeping disorders? 2. Which SSRI has the least side effects on weight gaining? 3. Can I swap one SSRI with other without problem and...
1-6 of 6 Results