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  1. Voting Booth
    Gender vs relationship status: is there a link? (Something RyanJ brought up on SAS chat.) If you are a guy with SA, are you more or less likely to be single compared to a goil. People have various opinions, but I want to see what the numbers say.
  2. Relationships
    I tend to have this angry look as my neutral face. I remember in a class this week a female lecturer (very young actually) looked at me and said "you really look like you're ready to work" Does a serious expression really give off that bad off a vibe. I assure you, when I am relaxed, i can...
  3. Positive Thinking and Goal Setting
    Hello, I read a lot of threads about people who are sad about not being able to interact with people they are romantically/sexually interested in. Especially since tomorrow is the awful "holiday" called Valentine's Day. But when I was lurking at another board (extroverted likely), I see plenty...
  4. Relationships
    By that I mean someone made it clear they fancied you/asked you out on a date, etc? This is one thing that really makes me feel quite bad about myself because I often see and hear other people being told that someone likes them or asking them out, and it so rarely happens to me. My SA is all...
1-4 of 8 Results