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  1. Medication
    Another new medication for depression and anxiety.... Let's see. In 1995 I took my first anti-depressant and many after that until 1999 then I took Effexor. It seemed to work only took away my appetite. I did not want to eat. It didn't help my SA much. In 2004 I stopped taking Effexor and did...
  2. Medication
    Hey Everybody, Bitkruked here, so recently I guess I had some kind of a nervous breakdown with all the pressure that comes along with life. And I found myself not being able to sleep, dilated pupils, heart pounding, sweating and racing thoughts. After not sleeping for a total of 7...
  3. Medication
    I have been on Zoloft, the generic version I guess, since early 2007. Feels like quitting it now... on my own. Sure it sounds like a bad decision. But being unable to get the medication on my own and needing the help of my father to get myself to the place where I am prescribed of it, I feel...
1-3 of 4 Results