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  1. Medication
    Hey all! So. I have been fighting with social anxiety many years, withOUT any significant resultates. First I was on alcohol or other medication/narcotic (like marihuana, amphetamines, opiates, benzos and others). Offcors it isnt the way to go, so someday I off everything include alcohol and...
  2. Medication
    Has anyone tried to potentiate their stimulants with selegiline? I've read that selegiline can potentiate stimulants exponentially, make them last longer and ease the crash and even prevent neurotoxicity.... i realize theres a risk of overstimulation and hyperthermia but i'm pretty experienced...
  3. Medication
    My first SAS post, and I'm a little anxious about posting this - lol. I started taking Selegiline last year and supplementing with PEA for 1) motivation and 2) the high and confidence affect. After other physical and family issues to tend to I stopped taking Deprenyl / Selegiline end of...
1-3 of 3 Results