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  1. Coping With Social Anxiety
    Hi so gott over my irrational fear of people and i am more active but i have one problem left i have a mental block i just cant conver sate with people i have no fear i dunno maybe im just boring i dont no but when i hold a conversation its like the other people expect me to keep it going i also...
  2. Coping With Social Anxiety
    So according to this article I just read, the Amygdala is an organ in your brain which causes anxiety. Normal people have the Amygdala in an "off" position, until danger hits, then it sends your body fear. But people with anxiety problems (like us) have in constantly in the "on" position. So...
  3. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    I have always been able to find a few friends but I've never really had a solid group that I need. I am in college, I've been dealing with anxiety as long as I can remember. Last year was my second year of college and I was very stressed because I felt like anxiety was really stopping me from...
  4. Introductions and Welcomes
    I've had zero self-esteem since the age of 12, did not have a support network since the age of 13, developed social anxiety towards the end of high school (16-17). Been a recluse for pretty much my entire adult life although I've tried to do what I can to reverse that, but without much success...
  5. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    That's right! The question is: What would you do if your SAD completely disappeared overnight? Would you celebrate? Do new radical stuff? Or continue as always? What would change? Would you go partying? etc.. Post your thoughts :D (be realistic, as it could really happen to you :yes)
  6. Coping With Social Anxiety
    I'm new here and I would like to introduce myself. I'm a 26 year old guy. I have a college degree but is currently not working. I'm a business man at heart but my SA often gets in the way when I need to sell myself or my product. I'm currently trying to start my own IT business. In thread...
21-26 of 43 Results