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  1. General Discussion
    Thought this would be an interesting test for everyone here, especially if you spend as much time on the net as me :)
  2. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    If so, I'm doing an class-article on SA and what life is truely like. I also, have SA by the way. Not just someone looking for people to talk to because of my article, so understand most of what your telling me. I need people who have made a somewhat drastic change with their SA over the course...
  3. Just For Fun
    1.What time are you starting this? 12:20. 2.Name? Alyssa. 3.Nicknames? Ally, Lyssa, Lyss. 4.Date of birth? 26th April. 5.Sex? Female. 6.Height? 5'1. 7.Eye colour? Green. 8.Where were you born? Ontario. 9.Number of candles on your last birthday cake? 18. 10.Pets? A cat called Toshio. 11.Hair...
1-3 of 3 Results