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  1. The Work Place
    First we must believe that every problem has a solution and start finding it. If we fail, it only means that we have misunderstood the problem. Once we start thinking, it becomes difficult to bring the flow of thoughts under our control and take right decisions. In this case, the analytical...
  2. Coping With Social Anxiety
    Hi everyone :D I'm new to this board, unfortunately not new to S.A I have been 'struggling' with it for the last 3 years since I first diagnosed myself though I've probably had it a bit longer than that. I have decided to share with you all a list of positive thinking patterns that have really...
  3. Positive Thinking and Goal Setting
    Hi. I would just want to share with all of you a book on becoming a more positive person. It's entitled PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. It's all about Positive Thinking. Let me know what you think guys. Hope it helped!
1-4 of 5 Results