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  1. Medication
    Re-starting oral selegiline(Eldepryl) today. Was on this before for 6 months and it worked quite well.Taking 20 mg. QID(80mg.daily). This is after 6 rediculous months of 80mg. daily DextroStat. Will see how it goes again since MAOI AD's are all that have ever worked for me. Anyone else who has...
  2. Medication
    It's proven that people with long terms illnesses with Social Anxiety, Atypical Depression and OCD make a full recovery with the MAOI class of drug with no side effects. Doctors and Psychiatrists are either completly ignorant to this class of drug, having never prescribed it or are scared...
  3. Medication
    Hi, I'm on week three now of the MAOI Parnate. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can share their experiences, good and not so good with this medication. I began at 20mg for the first two weeks, and now I've been 30mg for about five days. I'm definitely experiencing an...
1-3 of 3 Results