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  1. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    My Social Anxiety is Mostly Gone-- Here's How I had really terrible social anxiety for many years and what finally helped me to get over most of it was Social Anxiety Anonymous. And they have free telephone support groups that (gently) help in overcoming social anxiety They use a (modified)...
  2. Self Help Resources
    This post is for anyone that can recommend any self-help books, workbooks, audio-books or other literature that have helped in your recovery from SAD. Any useful resources that you've found to be beneficial in combating or overcoming SA. Thanks.
  3. Coping With Social Anxiety
    Hi. I just joined the forums and wanted to make my first post. I thought I would share something which has really helped me over the past couple of years with overcoming social anxiety. It's the audio series "Overcoming Social Anxiety by Thomas A Richards". I was able to download the cds and...
  4. Self Help Resources
    Hey everyone, Not sure if you guys are aware that there's a Social Phobia / Anxiety Group Call Meetings. Meets every week: Saturday at 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, and 5pm Eastern. Wednesday at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, and 9pm Eastern. Sundays at 6pm Pacific, 7pm...
1-4 of 4 Results