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  1. Health, Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements
    For anyone who has done a juice cleanse… how many days did you do? How many juices per day? What effects did you have? Thanks.
  2. Introductions and Welcomes
    Hey and thank you for accepting me to this group. I had anxiety for many years but started my journey towards ending it some years ago. Its been an amazing journey and I got so interested in the topic (mindset and human behavior) that I started to write and study subjects around human behavior...
  3. Health, Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements
    This is a great blog site that offers some insights on how nutrition and exercise can help ease social anxiety. Check It Out Here!
  4. Health, Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements
    An important issue with social interaction is how we present ourselves. That's why people obsess over the way they look, because human beings are more judgmental than God. Unfortunately, nature has a "screw you" policy when it comes to looking good, because fat is extremely seditious in its...
1-4 of 5 Results