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  1. Introductions and Welcomes
    Hello All, Please help me navigate how I use this platform?
  2. Introductions and Welcomes
    Hi there, I'm very new to this stumbled upon it googling 'I don't know what to do with my life' and it seemed like a friendly helpful place to be. I've never used forums before but I struggle to talk to people I know properly about anything deeper than what dress to wear tonight so thought this...
  3. Introductions and Welcomes
    hey, i don't know where to start.. i'm kania, 22 years old, i officially just found out about SAD just now, well i kinda know, but i just read the detail from different source on the web earlier today.. i don't know yet that i have social anxiety or not, but i have a lot of trouble regarding...
  4. Introductions and Welcomes
    Hey there :D I was poking around, trying to figure out what could fix whatever is wrong with me, and found this place. My name's Brittany, I'm a high school student, and although I haven't been formerly diagnosed with social anxiety, it's quite obvious it's there. Any place with people makes...
1-4 of 4 Results