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  1. Entertainment
    Whats yours ? Mine are : Joyeux Noel Chronicles of Narnia 1 Harry Potter 1
  2. Entertainment
    A few days ago I read a review in the New Yorker about a low-budget indie film called Frownland. What struck me is that, from the review, it sounded like the protagonist was suffering from pretty severe Social Anxiety Disorder. I'd never really seen anything even loosely resembling an nuanced or...
  3. Entertainment
    What movie Sequel or Prequel, do you think is better than the original?
  4. Relationships
    If you like movies, TV series and/or novels, then you probably have found people interesting. The people in the book / movie / show. At least the protagonist. This is a follow up to a previous related thread...
  5. Entertainment
    7 Superhero Stories Too Big For Movies Nov 17, 2009, 12:20 PM, by Graeme McMillan source: Sure, movies like Iron Man and The Dark Knight have proven that superheroes can work on the big screen, but sometimes only comics can offer...
  6. Entertainment
    I love to watch movies, anyone know any good movies i can check out? My favourite movies are: Moon Death sentence The prestige The illusionist The last king of scotland Yes man Butterfly on a wheel Last chance harvey
  7. Entertainment
    District 9's Aliens Could Have Looked Much, Much Weirder If you thought the stranded aliens in District 9 looked disturbing in the film, just check out some of the designs WETA's Greg Broadmore came up with first...
  8. Entertainment
    Which of these November movies do you want to see. you can vote for more than one.
  9. Entertainment
    I just watched it last night, on Starz. It is a good movie. The acting is very good. No; in fact the acting is excellent. However, the problem with excellent acting, and a story like this, is it is terribly depressing ! This movie makes Titanic look like an action movie. This movie, is like...
  10. Entertainment
    The "Star Trek" movies: Rank 'em! by David Horiuchi on May 04, 2009 Source: star-trek-movies-rank.html from I'm pumped up about the new Star Trek movie, though the opinions of my colleagues are mixed ("J.J. Abrams hasn't done me wrong yet" vs. "No way. The guy in the...
41-50 of 53 Results