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  1. Medication
    Hi :D I have a presentation this Thursday :afr and I want to use the Inderal to calm me down and to not have the shaking voice or symptoms of anxiety :afr I tried Inderal before but I noticed that I get dry mouth :|, how to overcome this obstacle? Thanks & wish me luck
  2. Medication
    I posted a week ago about using Xanax and Inderal/Propranolol for public speaking-induced panic attacks. I was prescribed both recently and used them as prescribed on Weds. for an event. Yesterday and today I seem to be feeling some kind of rebound effect - I'm very anxious, with a racing heart...
  3. Medication
    This is going to be long and rambling -- I never post anything online and have never shared this much information about my situation, but I think this may some people who suffer the fear of public speaking: I actually learned about Propranolol from reading these formats. In high school I had...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello, I get bad anxiety giving presentations (mainly sweating and shaky voice), and I've read that Inderal has helped people a lot with similar problems. I am a student currently and pretty poor, and I was hoping somebody could give me a reputable online site that sells Inderal for cheap. I...
1-4 of 4 Results