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  1. Arts and Crafts
    hey could some of you vote for me to win a scholarship to a guitar academy you just have to go onto gallery and on the 3rd page look for Dylan Flahive-Gilbert then vote thanks anyone who does vote heres the video if any of you wanna watch it before voting...
  2. Positive Thinking and Goal Setting
    Saturday (yesterday), I bought a new set of strings for my guitar, and a bottle of guitar polish. I took out the old set of strings, and put them in storage. I then got to work, with guitar polish, rubbing alcohol and my wash cloth. The guitar was full of dust and dirty rust green grime...
  3. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    Though not directly S.A. related .. it is said that focusin on a skill can help with confidence. So ... i've been fiddling on my guitar again. This time it was Muse 'Invincible' and its like .. a door in my mind opened .. Let me see hwo i can put this. The solo is played on stage by tapping...
  4. Entertainment
    Either see it in the box above .. or just click the link.. Done by yours truly Vincymon...
  5. Arts and Crafts
    I covered Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse. I included the live wembley guitar solo, plus the extended piano solo. I had to transcribe the piano part.
1-5 of 5 Results