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  1. Teens
    Hi, im new to the forums. Even though i dont like the idea to need to go on a forum for advice with friends (no offense) i decided i need some third party view on my situation. Im attending a private school with around 150 students. My class is 6 students big including me. We usually hang out...
  2. Teens
    I've talked to a handful of people at my school, but I can't really call them my friends. I'm not considered a loner, and I'm not considered to having a certain group of friends. I'm RIGHT on the border and it SUCKS! I want to be a loner, because that's so simple. you can be alone and people...
  3. Coping With Social Anxiety
    So I'm tired of not doing anything and when I do have something to do - I'm tired of being afraid to do it up all the way through to the 6th or 7th drink. I need interaction with real people and I NEED to feel comfortable in the interaction - I have to be able to find that when around people...
  4. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    I went to a photography meet up group on meetupdotcom. It was a rather some group due to holidays coming up. It's 25$ for 6 months to be a member at this group. I used my free pass to visit and check out the group. I debating if it is worth going to a group like this now.
  5. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    You know, sometimes how it feels almost like a physical battle, fighting the urge to make excuses to avoid some social / group activity. Well I've been to my third church choir practise with my guitar, and I feel a bit more confident now. During a break in the session I even felt cocky enough...
  6. Self Help Resources
    Hey everyone, Not sure if you guys are aware that there's a Social Phobia / Anxiety Group Call Meetings. Meets every week: Saturday at 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, and 5pm Eastern. Wednesday at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, and 9pm Eastern. Sundays at 6pm Pacific, 7pm...
1-6 of 7 Results