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  1. Family and Friends
    hi this is my first time using this website lately ive been feeling pretty down and confused about my friendships throughout my whole school year ive hung out with these people, making sacrifices for them (and being a pretty good friend to them, at least i think) but once the holidays come we...
  2. Coping With Social Anxiety
    Hello everyone, thank you for opening this post. I haven't been on this forum for almost 5 years. This is because I was on antidepressants and I just stopped having unbearable chronic social anxiety. I just didn't care anymore about what people thought, because I didn't really think in general...
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    Coping With Social Anxiety
  4. Coping With Social Anxiety
    Unlike me, my best friend has lots of friends. We know each others for about 7 years. We shares secrets and we hanged out a lot. She did said I am one of her closest friend, but she always treats me differently. She loves body touch, always hugging her friends, and she loves to relaxs on her...
  5. General Discussion
    but you'll be reminded of it continually-like a thorn in your hand. Just one friend to call mine-too much to ask?
1-5 of 33 Results