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  1. Family and Friends
    I moved away from my mother late 2020. Our housing situation fell apart and we both went opposite ways; she went away to stay with more family, and I left to move in with my boyfriend. She's got her own issues she's trying to find help with (depression, borderline, etc), and I keep in touch with...
  2. Family and Friends
    Okay, I’ll start this off by saying, I know I should be happy for my brother and show my support by going to his wedding because I’m his sister, and I feel terribly selfish and pathetic for thinking of my own discomfort first, but the more I think about being in that type of situation the more I...
  3. Family and Friends
    I’m an adult in my early 20s now but as far as I can remember I never spoke much with my parents even though I live with them. Short summary: we’re an immigrant Hispanic family living in the U.S., parents separated when I was 3, both parents worked overtime to provide for me and my older...
1-3 of 58 Results