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  1. Introductions and Welcomes
    hi, new to this site, name is orlando from laredo,texas. im 20yrs old in college still. Its good to know that im not the only one dealing with this. i felt alone and just me with this problems but i see that everyday ppl also have this. OK, my life right now is dowhill, i used to be top of the...
  2. Medication
    For those of us suffering a life with Anxiety, drugs are most certainly not a new thing. I am talking about both doctor prescribed drugs and those open to the public ( illicit or not). I have taken lorazepam and alprazolam to treat anxiety directly, and there are those other drugs I've...
  3. Polls
    I smoke marijuana as a hobby. If you have a problem with that, stop reading this post. Marijuana helps me be aware of how crippled my self confidence is. It's helped me realize who I am. I've realized, however, that I am not comfortable sharing myself with others. When I'm sober and in public...
1-3 of 18 Results