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  1. Relationships
    ps no offense to those with sick family members. This goes for anyone. From those who have no girlfriend / boyfriend ... to those who do have a partner, but still can't get your schedules to ever mesh so that you can have hang out. Tonight someone from my youth group is participating in a...
  2. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    So many times when i go to carnival its just me tagging along with my older brother, his friends and their dates (i.e. their girlfriends). This year i decided, to try to worry less about getting a girl to dance with and just try to enjoy myself. So i started on Jourvert morning (monday) and...
  3. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety a beatiful thing. I've been holding off posting this, because I didn't want to get ahead of myself. But now i can safely say .. Everything seems to be working so far. This new girl I've met.. we've planned to spend Christmas Eve together. The nearer the time comes the more psyched she is...
  4. Triumphs Over Social Anxiety
    I meet a girl at school. I had a date with her tonight. We ate sushi and went to the bookstore. Went around the place to discuss books. She is a very smart girl, which i like. I drove her home after, and in the car she kissed my cheek. I will call her again. :)
  5. Coping With Social Anxiety
    holy.. so i signed up to OkCupid just to see what was out there. i didnt have the intention of actually meeting up with someone, but... i started talking to this one guy, and we've gotten along really well.. to the point where we've set up a date for 2 days from now. i am nervous as hell... what...
1-5 of 6 Results