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  1. Medication
    Here's my story 18 years ago, i started with Prozac (20mg) for social anxiety and performance anxiety..At that point, i was newly married and very stressed about job interviews, meetings, etc. I started with Prozac (20mg) which worked pretty well as long as i took xanax for the big work...
  2. Medication
    My doctor just put me on Cipralex for my social anxiety disorder. He said it takes a few weeks to work. I've only been on it for three days. All it has done so far is make me feel a bit dizzy. Has anyone had any experiences with Cipralex?
  3. Medication
    This is my third day of Cipralex for my social anxiety, and I feel high and jittery. I have only taken 2 pills one each day, I will take my third tonight. Has anyone else felt like this? I actually feel like i'm in a different world and I feel like i've drank a crap load of coffee. I'm afraid...
1-3 of 3 Results