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  1. Spiritual Support
    I didn't realize their was a problem with Christians practicing yoga. I looked over some articles:,9171,1098937,00.html From the bits and pieces of what...
  2. Spiritual Support
    He is a Christian theologian and he is someone I really look up to and admire. He goes around the world and teaches about God/Christianity in a way people can understand and even rationalize. I wonder if any of you other Christians have heard of him? There are videos of him on youtube as...
  3. Spiritual Support
    How does your SA affect your relationship with God? I believe a lot of the thought life and fears are demonic forces AKA Satan fighting to keep us from our full potential cus he can't risk us being powerful for Christ's cause. What do you guys think? Also, I created a group called Christians...
1-3 of 3 Results