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  1. Spiritual Support
    So I posted a while back (I think it was on this site) about wanting to be baptized , but I was (still am) too afraid to get up in front of the small congregation and announce it. So, my pastor has come up to me and talked about it a little bit, as well as two women from the church. I just don't...
  2. Spiritual Support
    I didn't realize their was a problem with Christians practicing yoga. I looked over some articles:,9171,1098937,00.html From the bits and pieces of what...
  3. Spiritual Support
    It seems like mines up and down...down when I get upset or mad at the way things are and up when He puts me in my place(gotta love conviction xD)and shows me He's in charge and I let go of the confusion and trust Him. He does that often too :lol It's like with your parents, I've never really...
1-3 of 6 Results