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  1. General Discussion
    Today I thought it would be a good idea to get a ventrilo server for us who suffer from social anxiety (Hoping it will make us less worried about talking to people on the phone, good practice for real speaking etc), ventrilo is a voice communication program, so you'll need a microphone to use it...
  2. General Discussion
    Are there any friends who likes chatting and making friends? I am a 25 year old man and I come from China. Please feel free to add me (MSN: msnhangzhou[at] if you're interested. I hope our chat can be mutually beneficial.
  3. Just For Fun
    Hi the real chat aint working on here so thought we could use a 'temporary' chat in here instead lol... how is evry1?:D
  4. Support Groups, Friends Connections and Gatherings
    Has anyone tried this before? We could start a chat room on AOL Instant Messenger and everyone could meet there at a certain time and chat online!
1-4 of 4 Results