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  1. Health, Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements
    Why are some women, like myself, wrongfully criticized for having small breasts? From middle school up until now I have been put down for the wrong reasons by immature males. I've been called "small boobies," "grape tits" and "ugly." My boyfriend tells me they're perfect the way they are; others...
  2. Secondary Disorders
    I feel like if I don't have an outgoing personality I don't talk a lot nothing...I should have SOMETHING good about me...a good body something to be proud of and happy for something to reach for and accomplish and smile about and to stop thinking about how much life sucks already as it is when I...
  3. Introductions and Welcomes
    hi. I accidentally just deleted this before i pressed send which is always an awesome thing to do:idea ha So now i'm trying to remember what i typed 3 minutes ago:) urrr. So hi, Im 20. I haven't always been a complete ****-up. .. 4 years ago i was almost going into senior year, outgoing...
1-3 of 7 Results