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  1. General Discussion
    So my 21st birthday is in 3 weeks, and I'm not very familiar with many types of alcohol, so I need everyone's help! I've never really been a drinker before, never gotten drunk, but I have tried a few types of alcoholic beverages so far, so I'll tell everyone what I've liked and what I didn't...
  2. Positive Thinking and Goal Setting
    People other than my family actually called to wish me happy birthday, today. Even though I spent the whole day in my house ( 2/3 of it in my bedroom) the fact that ppl other than my mother called, is a plus. :D Any other gemini's around ?
  3. Positive Thinking and Goal Setting
    May 29 2009, was one of the few days that I got to forget all about my SAS and enjoyed myself. 18th birthday is a big deal in my small Caribbean island. It started with a biology A level exam, after which I went to town to meet my brother. He took an hour time off, for us to go get me some new...
  4. Coping With Social Anxiety
    *sigh* Why do birthdays have to be so depressing for people like us. I've been just feeling really sad this entire week because my birthday was coming up (it was yesterday). I kept on thinking what am I going to do. Am I going to be alone again? Then I thought about what I had done this entire...
1-4 of 8 Results