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  1. Medication
    Hi, I'm a male R&B singer in his mid-20s who have recently developed social anxiety (excessive worry, sweaty palms, tenseness, mind goes blank) due to fame / an extremely hostile environment. I've been on Cipralex for about a month now and it's not doing much for me. I've used a little bit of...
  2. Medication
    I started my freshman year of college by taking some stimulant called Dextrostat. I started abusing it then, because it made me feel less socially anxious. I almost failed out of school, but I felt more social. When I look back I see this pattern: grades go way up and my social life is...
  3. Medication
    Would it be okay to combine pseudoephedrine with diazepam to counteract the drowsy side effects? or would this counteract the anti-anxiety effects as well...
1-3 of 3 Results