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  1. Introductions and Welcomes
    For SO LONG now, but haven't yet and it's been nearly 10 years now. I know! That's way too long. So I apologize. I mean at first I joined, looked around a bit, and just suddenly left without even introducing myself, but always somehow had this account, because I am a pretty shy person, and my...
  2. Coping With Social Anxiety
    here is my link to my forum
  3. Coping With Social Anxiety
    i need no people at my group it's called autism revolutionary movement we discuss about autism, and how it's it hard dealing with other people who is not!/group.php?gid=243391691861
  4. Secondary Disorders
    Is there anyone on here with Asperger's? I would like to know what the relationship between Asperger's and social anxiety disorder is? I would like to know how one would differentiate between these two disorders. I also think there is probably overlap. Asperger's causes people to fail in social...
1-4 of 4 Results