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  1. Hi

    Introductions and Welcomes
    hi everyone Im glad this place exists. Just thought I would introduce myself Ive had a history fo social anxiety and depression but i only figured out that it was social anxiety recently (seems a no brainer to be **** scared of people and not be able to put your finger on why) I have tried...
  2. Introductions and Welcomes
    I've had zero self-esteem since the age of 12, did not have a support network since the age of 13, developed social anxiety towards the end of high school (16-17). Been a recluse for pretty much my entire adult life although I've tried to do what I can to reverse that, but without much success...
  3. Introductions and Welcomes
    Hi all, I'm D from Canberra, Australia. :) I'm looking to befriend people all around Aust, but most especially (and hopfully! :?) some one or some people from Canberra. I would really like some Friends that I can hang out and do stuff with, and so we can help eachother out with our SA! :)...
1-3 of 3 Results