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  1. Secondary Disorders
    So, my new therapist (changed to my parent's marriage counselor for individual therapy after I wasn't "making enough progress" with my first one) thinks I may have ADD with SA and depression secondary. She gave me a form for my teachers to fill out, as well as one for my parents, and I hate to...
  2. Medication
    I started my freshman year of college by taking some stimulant called Dextrostat. I started abusing it then, because it made me feel less socially anxious. I almost failed out of school, but I felt more social. When I look back I see this pattern: grades go way up and my social life is...
  3. Medication
    My medication history Hi everyone! I've not been an active poster here on the forum, but I've read a lot of the helpful and interesting posts by you guys. I have been suffering from social anxiety since I was 9(though I did not understand that before I was 18.) and was later diagnosed with ADD...
1-3 of 3 Results