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Updated models in WoTLK client

This blog is a continuation of my thread located here
So I've been tinkering around with my private server a bit along with the client, as pictured above if you are familiar with WoW the models as well as textures have been updated in the client, it looks gorgeous to me 🥰

Stormwind with new textures
Above you can see Stormwind, it looks a lot better than before.

I've also added a couple of modules, one is transmogrify which was not available in wotlk, but thanks to the many hobbyists out there it is now :) What it allows me to do, is customize the appearance of my armor, Blizzard decided to go about doing this in a strange way, but hey, it's better than nothing. The module works similar to how Blizzard's does. I can now change my gear to look as I want it too, with a few caveats such as it has to be the same armor type. I can also change my weapons around.

Transmogrify comes to life in WoTLK

I decided to place the transmogrifier in the Barber shop, for Stormwind. Check out the models 🙃

The second module I added, makes it so I can solo dungeons - it works pretty good, I just am not geared very well and very rusty. For that I created a video, don't mind my lousy play style, as well as the extra spells on the bar - I wanted to be a druid hunter 😁 I no longer will need to cheat to beat dungeons anymore, it is pretty awesome. I originally was going to add bots, but azerothcare doesn't seem to have any working modules for that. But this module does work amazingly.

That module will scale with the number of players in the instance, so the damage you see my character doing is much higher than it would be outside of the dungeon, as you can see I still had my rear handed to me so there is a challenge left to be had.


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