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A new mod, and WoW is shrouded in darkness

I've learned all sorts of cool stuffs now, and am really pleased with the progress of my server so far, my imagination is absolutely saturated at this point with the possibilities of a new world, new lands, new spells, and well, lots of new stuffs 🙃

For the past week, outside of pointless philosophical pursuits, I have spent my time modifying the server, learning how WoW works, and have just begun to scratch the surface of it all. There is so much more to learn, so much I want to to do on my server, and I love every moment of it. These are the moments I chase after so often in life, and I appreciate when I get to experience them.

I've been goofing around a lot with SQL, with map editing, and well, mostly just day dreaming of the fantasy world I want to create for myself. It is a ton of fun, and one of the great things about running this private server is, there is so much investigation involved with it. This is not an easy task for me, google does not provide instant results, I spend hours over the most rudimentary of things and I can't seem to get enough of it. Once I learn one new thing, it seems so obvious to me, where as before everything seemed to be enshrouded with darkness..

Anyway, so far I have spent 160 hours on my main character, a night elf hunter. It would have been more, if I had not been spending so much time offline trying to figure out how WoW works, and how the server works. It has been an awesome time overall, and I hope it lasts for a long time. The worst part of any project or hobby I become involved with, is when the mystery runs out and it just becomes a matter of tedium.

I'll post a few screen shots that I have enjoyed so far.

The above is another screen shot of wow in darkness, I would love to go in and create new items that could cast light in a radius, as well as spells. I love having the world shed in darkness, it makes it so much more lively.

Goofing around with scaling, I made my pet huge. You can probably see my character with glowing weapons by the paw, I'm about the size of a claw lol.

Here I am, standing in front of the gates of Stormwind, I really love this mod if you can't tell.

I'm incredibly impressed with the work other people have put into this project, no doubt countless hours have been spent by fans of WoW trying to get everything to work right, and it shows. these people are amazing, and I wish I could help them out along the way. While I find it difficult to get all of the answers I am looking for, there are passionate people out there sharing information with others, and I really appreciate it. Trying to learn everything I can, often leads to chasing after fractions of information someone left behind in a completely unrelated subject, but I really do enjoy doing that.

It reminds me of how the Internet used to be, how computers used to be, there was a challenge to be chased, something to discover, and it is so damned amazing.

I'll leave WoW off with a video I created on a tram, to think of all of the work many people put into making this all work right. It is awesome!

Otherwise, Second Life is now celebrating their 18th birthday, and I have logged in to check it out, I really love the creativity people have here. I only wish I had more time in the day to do everything I want, but what little time I have spent in SL has been really cool.

I've only managed to take one screenshot so far, but I have spent a few hours wandering around. It sucks that it only lasts a couple of weeks and then it is gone forever. Here I am sitting on a kittycat, these are what are known as breedables in Second Life, essentially you take care of a couple of them and breed kittens, and can sell them. Usually, I just keep one cat in my virtual home because they are adorable, they will follow you around your house, there are a few animations included, where you can play with your cat, and you can also purchase various objects for them to interact with. One neat feature, is that you can assume the avatar of your cat and wander around the world.. also with the "mega" cats you can ride them like a mount around the world, they really are pretty cool Every year, during the anniversary of Second Life, the people of Kitty Cats will give out a free kitten, signifying the year - so far this is my third cat. From my understanding they have been doing it for years though.

What is really cool about this event though, beyond all of the free stuff they give out, are all of the live concerts that are performed, a lot of talented people show up and sing in front of a crowd of avatars, while the rest of us just dance, and listen to it all.

Outside of all of that, I have really been considering hosting my own web server as of late. I had one running a few weeks ago, and it was easy enough to do. I think I may go for it.


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