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Stormwind with lights!

I now have lights in WoW, previous to this everything was really, really, really dark :) I like being surrounded in darkness but when trying to play the game it makes it really difficult. These lights add so much atmosphere to the entire game as well, check it out!

In the one below you can see how gorgeous the moon looks, as a lonely NPC wanders around with a torch.

There is a problem though, not every place has lamps and people wandering around with torches, and it gets dark as you can see below.

So, I decided that a companion (pet) should work as a light source, in this case a phoenix. You can see quite the difference when he is out with me.

It took almost a day to figure out how to do all of this, at first I thought the lights were controlled on the server side, so I spent hours pouring over all of the sql data trying to figure out where, then I looked into the code itself with no luck. I don't know why I would think it was server side, eventually I figured out that it is the models themselves that control the light. Probably a really obvious thing to most people, and it makes sense. So, I found a little program that will inject a light source into the models, I extracted the models from the MPQ files and created a new one with them having the light source.

I think later I will try to open them in blender to see if I can adjust their light source even more. For now I will just use that application to add light to objects where it should belong.

I'm pretty sure in Vanilla wow, these were there - Blizzard must have stripped them out sometime after. I also believe spell effects had light in them as well, so casting your wand or spell would leave a light emitting effect that followed the particle until it hit the creature. I'm not entirely sure though, I'll have to find my retail CD and have a peak at the model files to see if they have a light source already attached.

Anyway, I also recorded a couple of videos showing off the light.


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